Thursday, April 7, 2011

A funny TAIL

You know that it is spring in our backyard because the rabbits are back. Last week Holly spotted a baby rabbit and chased it around the yard. I am surprised it didn't die of a heart attack.

On Saturday, Don went to mow the yard and found a baby rabbit. He put it in one of my buckets. I went over to talk to it and it hopped out. Don was a little disappointed. Not to worry. Later, as I sat in my office

watching conference, Don knocks on my window to show me he caught the rabbit again. As he tilts the bucket the rabbit sees it's escape and hops out. I got the fun entertainment of watching Don run back and forth in front of my window trying to recapture the baby rabbit. Man those things are fast. Finally success! He asked me to take it to the elementary school right away (we don't want it here by our garden, and we can't kill it either). The school is literally 3 mins away. By the time I got back he had caught 3 more and was chasing another. That's right FIVE rabbits. We never saw the mother, but if she wants to find them she can go to the elementary school. And that is the end of our furry tail, or so we hope!

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