Monday, February 28, 2011

Holly's talk...

Today at church Holly gave a talk. She was so excited to prepare for it (she had seen me do this with Josh and I guess it was cool). I sat her down and I asked her questions (the talk was on I can follow God's plan), like what is God's plan for you? What can you do to follow it? Why is this good? How does it make Heavenly Father feel?

I took notes and then try to put it a little more flowey, but keep her words. We then drew pictures on piece of paper that went with her talk. Like her and Heavenly Father being together before she was born. I'm not sure which one is which.

She did really well in holding up her papers, I still had to whisper it to her, she can't totally read yet. I was really proud of her and she was pleased with herself as well.

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