Sunday, February 6, 2011

Are you kidding me!

Okay, so last week I posted about having to repierce Holly's ear. Well, on Tuesday I was playing with Holly's hair and the other earring was missing! Not the one we just got repierced, but the other ONE! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! ARGGGHHH!!!
I am having a hard time making her go to get her ears pierced again. I know that I am doing this more for me than her, but we have gone through so much! I just want her to have cute earrings and I am a selfish mommy.
Right now she only has one in. Hopefully by the end of the month she will have both in. I know I am pitiful.


  1. Hey Stacey,

    I like to keep up with you on your blog. I have to laugh at all of the earring drama. Ha ha. Anyway…I’m wondering if you would like to have my piano. It’s free, but you have to come get it. It’s a beast to load, I won’t lie.

    Brock’s grandfather passed away last month. Shortly after his 101st birthday. Part of his estate was to buy all of his grandchildren a piano. We feel so blessed by his generosity and lifetime of frugality. We will be receiving our new piano within the next two weeks. What do you think? Do you really want a piano? If not, I just want to find someone who would really appreciate having it. I tried your email, but it didn't work? Call me.

  2. That really sucks. I guess I can be somewhat relieved that I haven't had any of the girls' ears pierced. I guess I was also right that I wanted to wait until they could take care of it themselves. I'm always right. Just kidding.

    I am sorry. That really stinks. I hope that you will get some extra good backings on the next piercing because I think I agree that you just have to do it one more time. With all the trouble you've already been through.

    Some day this will probably be funny. Someday.