Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here we go again

You may recall some of these pictures, they are from September. So, Friday Holly comes up to me and says mommy one of my earrings fell out. I was like oh no! We searched for it couldn't find it. I tried to put in another pair and it just wasn't happening. Tears, screaming, and swearing she never wanted to wear earrings again.

Saturday I drove (15 mins) to the mall to go buy another earring. We get there I bribe my daughter get her all psyched up get her in the chair only to discover I forgot my wallet at home. Pack up the kids go back home run in get my wallet, go back to the mall, pay for her to get her ear pierced again (the hole had closed up). There was crying, but as soon as the sucker was put in her mouth she was okay.

So here is my sweet note on this saga. On the second time back to the mall. Holly was freaking out and Josh was trying to calm her down. He told her it would be all right because she could sit on my lap. She said she was still scared. He said that he would hold her hand and she said I'm still scared. He told her don't worry Holly, Heavenly Father will be with you. And the Holy Ghost, because he comforts people. AWWWW. They real do listen during FHE! This conversation calmed me down tons in this whirlwind of a day.


  1. Sweet Josh and poor holly. I never let my girls get their ears pierced and now that abigail is almost old enough she is now too afraid, maybe josh could come offer his calming services in our time of need.

    Maybe it's time for me to go and get my ears pierced too.

  2. And again. Sounds like you need a staple in her ear, or something sturdy that just won't fall out.