Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I just did homework with Josh and I need a nap!

Josh didn't have an assigned homework today, so I thought that I would make some stuff up. On the weekly reminders to the parents it said to work on sight word and math using money. Well he already knows his sight words, though we could have worked on handwriting. So out came the money. Now he knows the names of the penny, nickel and dime, but doesn't know which one belongs to which coin, he just knows those are names of money. He likes to through in coin also.

All I can say is we are both fortunate to leave the experience alive. I could feel myself getting tense and annoyed that he just couldn't get it. I finally remembered an enrichment that Sister Bryce did saying everyone learns different. So, I tried word association. That only worked for the quarter. But then, we did a chant. A lot more got through. I drew some pictures of stuff for him to buy. When he bought the last thing, A Woody doll worth 26 cents, he was able to figure out which coins to give me and could tell me there names.

Will he remember it tomorrow, who knows but we climbed that hill today and will have sore muscles tomorrow.

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