Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can't throw them away

See these painted little animals? When I was pregnant with Josh I worked at a Great Harvest Bakery and there was this song that came on our ever repeating music selection about Noah's
Ark. In the chorus it said "There were green alligators, and long-necked geese. Some humpty-backed camels and some chimpanzees, a rat, a cat, an elephant and sure as your born don't you forget that unicorn." I decide to do our nursery in Noah's Ark theme. We lived in an apartment, so we couldn't paint. Instead we bought some 1/4 inch play wood and cut it into 4 inch wide strips. A friend painted them blue and we stenciled the chorus of the song up to the elephant on it. Then we hung it around the room about a foot and a half down from the top so it looked like a cute boarder going around the room. Well, I found these wood cut outs and I bought two of every animal they had. Some of my friends and family gathered one night for an all out painting party we even got the guys do to it, I can tell you Jake Cord did that lion. And theres a calico cat (I can see it in the picture it is yellow and green about the middle) my nephew that was like two did. (it was a lot of splotches of different paint, but you outline it and give it a face and it was perfect) We hot glued these on the planks as well. The planks are long gone but I can't get rid of the animals. They were in a toy box forever and my kids played with them before we got plastic animals. I didn't want the wood to break so I put them in a plastic bag in our educational/art closet.

Today I found a purpose for them. I put the plastic bag in a pillow case and let Josh pull out an animal. He had to tell me the letter the animals name started with. Then he had to:
1. Write the letter.
2. Write three words that start with that letter.
3. Write a sentence using one of the words above.

Translation: L, Light, Lion, Letter. The Lion eats a pizza.
D, Dolphin, Doll, Daddy, The dolphin swims in the pool.

Not bad kid, he thought the whole picking an animal was fun and I can keep my memories, I mean my wood painted animals a little longer.

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