Sunday, March 4, 2012

We started!

This saturday we started to demo, the soon (ok soon is a relative term) to be Josh room. Don and I went in there with hammers and a crow bar and started to demolish the exisiting walls. Special note to the people who previously owned this home. When doing a remodel job;
1. Don't just staple the wires to the framing, you go to hang up a picture and the next thing you know you are electricuted!

2. When framing your studs should not go flat against the cinder block, but T into it.

3. Seal all foundation before you close it up. You know fill in the cracks and then seal it so moisture doesn't build up and cause mold or such.

4. Insallation is important to put in, it will cut down your power bill.

5. Covering power lines with crown molding doesn't work either.

6. We do thank you for putting in a newer window.

7. Doors are liked on bedrooms.

8. Lastly, power boxes do not belong in closets, even if the closet was an after thought, it can be a fire safety issue.

We thank you for the idea of the room. It helped us to envision what it could be when buying the home and now we hope to fix all these errors and make a bedroom for our son.

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