Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer list

Last summer I was very structured with our time, and I would probably be so again this year if our free summer movies hadn't turned into our 3 dollar movies and we weren't going to be gone half the summer. So I am trying to go by the seat of our pants. But, you know me I can't let go totally, with that said the kids and I made a list at the beginning of the summer of things we'd like to do. Here it is: Go to the splash pad, zoo, a museum (Josh is obsessed with this one, but there are no great museums here), movies (only one time this year instead of every week), play at a friends house, go to Fort Louden, go to Greenville, go to a fun park the Roses told us about, Bounce house, go to a park and play, go to McDonald's, a family date (this was Holly, when I asked what do we do on a family date she said we go out to eat, ohhh), putt-putt golf, movie night, have an all day movie day-at home, picnic at our house, have a play date, go swimming, go to Oma & Opa's house, go to Tu-tu's house, go to Grandma & Grandpa T's house, Make ice cream, go camping and have s'mores, go to the library, ride our bikes at the park, go to the beach and make sandcastles, see fireworks, go bowling, feed the ducks, go bowling, and go to Lookout point.

Pheww, that is a long list, but we've already been able to quite a few and mostly for free, because friends have invited us here or there. So, thank you for all those who are helping us make this THE BEST SUMMER EVVVVVVEEEERRR!!!

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  1. Our kids love Knoxville's Art Museum. You could go when you are down at World's Fair Park. I can't remember if it's always free but we have never had to pay.