Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Family Campout

Well, I brought my camera but forgot to bring extra batteries. So no pictures, when Katie emails me some pics I will post them.

We went with our friends the Teed's, camping. It was a quick trip, but I loved it. I don't know who was more excited me or the kids. I started packing 2 days before hand and our trip would only last about 24 hours.

Katie, the kids and I went up earlier on Friday and got a site and started setting up camp. Yep, we put up both tents, started a fire, and started dinner (roasted wieners). The guys carpooled up and met up with us after they got of work. Josh was so excited. Wow! look at our tent. Wow! look at the fire. You know I was doing the same thing inside. I love the campfire smell, I love making Smores, I love playing games, I love playing in the water, I love Don telling pretend ghost stories, I love Don pointing out the stars, I loved being together as a family. I would have stayed longer.

Holly loved the water, she kept catching minoes with her bare hands. I think she loved everything except , "The dirty part" on her marshmellow. I think she thought it was cool to pee in the river, play with her flashlight, and get to play the whole time.

Josh loved every new thing. He definetly liked the swimming, and the smores, sleeping in a tent.

Don loved that he didn't get eatten by bugs, playing games around the campfire, and squirting us all with water guns.

I can't wait to go back.

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