Sunday, March 7, 2010

What to do?

I had my Saturday all planned out, until my friend Kim called Friday and said, "Are you ready to garden?" A couple of months back she mentioned that she knew someone with manure that we could get for free and she and her husband have a trailer. If I wanted when they got fertilizer for their garden I could get some for mine. This was the first nice weekend in a while. I had been planning on going to a Women's Conference, so if anyone reading this went please tell me something you learned or inspired you. I weighed out the two things and the manure won. It's free, they had a trailer (how else would I get the poop over here) and they would help me and I could help them. Not only that, but I would get my garden in the next phase to grow food for my family. It was tough choice, but it turned out great.


  1. Ooh, nice score on the compost. I haven't even thought about gardening yet.
    Conference was fun, one mini-class I liked a lot was taught by a physician and she sped talked through her 35 minutes all about heart disease, diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, cholesterol and how these all relate to the food we eat! I wish she'd had an hour because it was so much good information.

  2. yeah for the garden. you will be growing the good food and so you didn't need to hear from that physician at the women's conference after all. :)