Sunday, March 7, 2010

I can't believe I guessed right!

On Friday night we went to a "Family fun Math Night" at Josh's school. They served pizza first and then you could go into different classrooms and do fun activities. We entered the guess the candy contest. I guessed 713 pieces, Josh said 25 so I wrote 425, and Holly said 3 so I wrote 303. Well we had to leave before they announced the winner (I had a meeting to go to). As I was running around the house doing baths and making and eating dinner (no I didn't eat the pizza) I heard Don talking to some women. I went to see who and it turn out to be Josh's teacher Mrs. Wolburg. I had guessed exactly right on the candy and won. Our house is on her way home so she volunteered to bring it to us.

So what does someone who is on Weight Watchers do with 713 pieces of candy, you may ask. Well, the kids have 3 birthday parties to attend in two weeks. Three good portions were divided among those kids. My kids have had a bit, but then the house goodie monster has eaten all the chocolate so all that is left is jelly beans. My new guess would be 68 pieces of candy left!

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