Sunday, September 11, 2011

Holly's Birthday surprise

When I asked Holly what she wanted for her birthday she said she wanted a barn. A barn? I don't even know where to get a barn!, was my reply. She simply said, "You just go to Home Depot." I asked her, "You mean a real barn. Why do you want a real barn?" Matter of factly, "So, I can put a horse in it." So for Holly's birthday I set up with a friend in our ward to go over and see her horse. I didn't tell Holly what we were going to do, just that it was a surprise.
She was so excited. I brought carrots and apples to feed Cole, the horse. At first she tried to call Cole like a dog, "Come her Cole, Come her boy.", patting her thighs. She got to lead him and brush him.

She even rode him bare back. I couldn't believe that she wasn't scared at all. Later on she feed him which was a little scary, horses have big mouths and Holly has little hands. This horse was so mellow and I am VERY thankful to Kelly for making my little girls day. (Josh's too, he went for a ride and the kids also rode together) Holly still would like her own horse, but wasn't excited to hear that she have to clean up the poop everyday.

By the way the horse is eating an apple her, not Holly's hand.

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